She is clothed with strength and dignity...

Proverbs 31:25

Who Are The Women of Faith?

Our desire as a ministry for women, is to create a space where women of all ages and stages in life feel valued and included. We believe this happens best through prayer, engaging in God’s Word, intentional evangelism (local and global), serving others in the community as we are uniquely made, and building authentic relationships in love.

First  Friday Fasting & Prayer

Join us every 1st Friday of every month in prayer at 7AM! Dial 267-807-9601. Access code: 425710. We will then replace ONE MEAL throughout the day with prayer for our Pastor, those on the PMBCJC prayer list, and for your own spiritual growth

PMBCJC Guest Outreach

Leader Jamila Marshall
Help greet and welcome our visitors each Sunday and, in the days after by following up with them, answer any questions and to pray with them.

Women of Faith Greeters

Leader Mrs. Cassandra Fight
Why Become a Greeter?

Greeting is a focused Ministry.
The sole focus of greeting is to present yourself as a warm, friendly, divine encounter for individuals upon arrival for services. Greeters are the first line of ministry.

Greeters are placed in strategic locations at particular times.
Greeters make first and powerful connections with members and guests. You know exactly where you need to be at exactly what time and for exactly how long you are needed to be there. Your assignments have specifics.

Greeters are needed and appreciated.
In this fast-paced world we live in, getting to services on time can be stressful. A warm smile, a cheerful hello, a welcoming handshake or embrace… can be just the thing to defuse what may be a tense undertaking and prepare the worshipers to receive the blessings in store for them.

Please consider becoming a Greeter!

Monthly Book Study

Join us every 3rd Saturday of each month at 10 a.m. and go deeper into understanding the woman God desires you to be at our interactive book study. Join by video or phone using the info below:
Join Zoom Video Meeting
Meeting ID: 816 1442 7122  Passcode: 534311
Join by Phone
Meeting ID: 816 1442 7122  Passcode: 534311

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