Launched 2 LEAD 2022 - 90 Day Journey of Discovery

This program exists to provide mentorship and guidance with the intent to inspire, challenge and inform our students to become balanced, organized, disciplined and MISSION-MINDED as they grow and mature into young adulthood.
Listen in for 30 minutes TWICE a Week.

Teens Week 1 - Leadership Learning

Social Skills for Leaders

Former President Barack Obama on Leadership

Sis. McKinney Member Ministry

Teens  Week 2 - Financial Fun

Money Managed

Future Finance

"How to Write a Personal Mission Statement!"

"The Book of Job"

Solomon Asks For Wisdom (1 Kings 1-4)

Teens  Week 3 - Business Basics

How to Start a Business

How to Write a Business Plan

Business Ideas

Teens  Week 4 - Walking Wisely

Standing Strong


What is Wisdom

Proverbs Wisdom

Teens  Week 5 - Leadership Learning

Don's Judge the Book by the Cover

Christian Leadership

Biblical Wisdom

Teens  Week 6 - Financial Fun

Financial Rules/ You won't learn in school!

Budgeting for Teens

Teens  Week 7 - Business Basics

YOUTH Praise Break

Needs vs Wants

Words of Wisdom

Teens  Week 8 - Walking Wisely

Understanding Bible Scriptures

New Testament

The Greatest Commandment

Teens  Week 9 - Leadership Learning


You are not your thoughts

The Satan and Demons

The Book of Ecclesiastes

Teens  Week 10 - Entrepreneurship 

I am LOVED by God!

Derrick & Brandi Smith

Danielle Watkins

Nickolas McFowland