RA & GA Kindergarten - 5th Grade

WELCOME 2 LAUNCH & LEAD 2021 - A 90-Day Journey of Discovery

Week 11 - Business Basics Part 2

Teaching Entrepreneurship to Kids

Noah's Ark: The Beginners Bible
Economics for Kids: Goods and Services
Economics for Kids:
Saving and Spending
How to Grow as a Christian

Week 10 - Leadership Learning  Part 3

The Reflection in Me

How to Live as a Christian Kid
Top 10 Interesting Facts about Kamala Harris
Wisdom of Ants

How to Grow in Your Relationship with God

Week 9 - Operation Transformation Romans 12:1-2 - Part 2

Praising God
Ten Commandments
Why Go to Church
Bible Adventure

Week 8 - Vision Values - What will I DO and who will I BE when I grow up? Part 2  

Jobs I Can Have When I Grow Up
What God Is Like
Easter Story
What Is Worship?

Week 7 - Financial Fun - How Does Money Work? Part 2  

Financial Literacy for Kids
Place Value Song
Superbook - Gideon - God's Lesson
How to Teach Kids About Money
Seasons Song
Coins for Kids
Months of the Year Song
MemberMessage Nick McFowland - Budgeting

Week 6 - Business Basics - Can I Own a Business? Part 2  

Orlando Children's Business Fair
WiNDUP Short Film
Superbook - Esther