RA & GA 6th - 12th Grade

This program exists to provide mentorship and guidance with the intent to inspire, challenge, and inform our students to become balanced, organized, disciplined and MISSION-MINDED as they grow and mature into young adulthood.
WELCOME 2 LAUNCH & LEAD 2021 - A 90 DAY Journey of Discovery!

Week 10 Leadership Learning Part 3

 Do These 5 Things Every Day
 Young People and Social Media
Developing the Leader Within You
 Watching Jesus & His Wilderness Experience

Week 9 Operation Transformation Romans 12:1-2 Part 2

 Live a Life of Significance
 Transformation in Christ
Ask Dr. Brenda
 Five Finger Worship

Week 8 Vision Values - What will I DO and who will I BE when I grow up? Part 2

 Curry & Barak
 How to Choose a Career
Smart Goals
 What Is Worship?

Week 7 Financial FUN - How does Money Work? Part 2

Week 7 Student Update - Watch video on how to write a Personal Vision Statement. Please answer following question and email your answer to clifton.holmes@pmbcjc.org.

Boys - What is Integrity? What is Character and how important is it?
Girls - What does it mean to STAND Secure - What is Character and how important is it? 
 Wealth Gap
Income Inequality and Coronavirus
 Economic Inequality
How to Narrow the Gap of Inequality
 Member Message Nick McFowland - Budgeting

Week 6 - Business Basics - Can I Own a Business? Part 2

30+ Business Ideas for Teens - (GA Girls)
 Member Message - Derrick Smith
 7 Essential Business Skills You Need to Know