RA & GA 6th - 12th Grade

This program exists to provide mentorship and guidance with the intent to inspire, challenge, and inform our students to become balanced, organized, disciplined and MISSION-MINDED as they grow and mature into young adulthood.
WELCOME 2 LAUNCH & LEAD 2021 - A 90 DAY Journey of Discovery!

Week 5 - Leadership Learning Part 2

If Only You Had Discipline & Vision
 Member Message - Lisa Harvey
 10 Social Sills for Student Leaders

Vision Values  What will I DO and who will I BE when I grow up?  Week 4

Purpose, Mission, and Vision
If You Want to Be Great Watch This Twice
Member Message - Rev. Holmes

Financial FUN - How Does Money Work? Week 3

Financial Literacy for HS Students
12 Easy Ways to Make Money
Banking Explained
Member Message - Nick McFowland

Business Basics Week 2 - Can I Own A Business? YES I CAN! - 3-2-1 LAUNCH

The Making of a Young Entrepreneur
How To Start A Business
Member Message - Danielle Watkins
Kids With Their Own Business
Member Message - Paige Hodges
Week 2 Program Video - Deacon Lee

Leadership Learning  Week 1

Program Week 1 Video - Rev. Holmes
Program Week 1 Video - Deacon Lee
Leadership Intro
Leadership Is A Skill
Listen & Learn then you will be LAUNCHED 2 LEAD