Royal Ambassadors (RA) and Girls in Action (GA) Program

The RA/GA Program Is looking for men and women to prepare brief 10 min videos regarding topics of interest for ages K-5 and 6-12 grades (ex. cooking a dessert or entree, sharing leadership values, and skills from personal experience), also guiding teens to selecting a career path and sharing personal experience. Contact Rev. Clifton Holmes or 816-921-6009 ext .103.
The  RA & GA Virtual Program, LAUNCH & LEAD, is designed for elementary, middle, and high school students. This program exists to provide mentorship and guidance with the intent to inspire, challenge, and inform our students to become balanced, organized, disciplined and MISSION-MINDED as they grow and mature into young adulthood.   There will be five main components to our 90-day virtual program with age and gender specific lessons and activities.
PARENT UPDATE WEEK 7 -  Please have student to answer and email to - Have your student write a "PERSONAL MISSION STATEMENT"

Watch video with student on how to write a Personal Vision Statement.

Boys - What it Integrity - What is Character and how important is it?
Girls - What does it mean to STAND secure - What is Character and how important is it?
  1. Leadership Learning - What is Leadership?
  2. Business Basics - Can I own a Business?
  3. Financial FUN - How does Money Work?
  4. Vision Values  What will I DO and who will I BE when I grow up?
  5. Operation Transformation - Romans 12:1-2 What is WORSHIP?
You will receive a WELCOME PACKET by mail with everything parents and students can expect and look forward to in our program. For questions regarding registration or concerns, please contact Rev. Holmes, our Youth Director, at  

Note: You do not have to be a member of Palestine Missionary Baptist Church to register and participate in this program, so share with friends and family who may benefit. Thank you.